Community Mural Painting

Groundswell, New York’s leading organization dedicated to community public art, led a two-week collaborative mural design process as part of Talking Transition. The process kicked-off with a youth-led artmaking workshop. Families and young people were invited to envision how art and culture can help create a better city for all New Yorkers. Using the drawings, poems, and ideas generated during this workshop as a springboard, Groundswell youth artists created two Talking Transition murals.

Hosted by Groundswell


Event Highlights:

“With a brush in hand, the youth speak in pictures, words, and creation. Pronouncing numerous themes in different voices, the brush becomes a mic for expressing many of the thoughts of this transition. The colorful text in the mural bubbles illustrate topics, such as improving public education, providing affordable health care, and ending stop-and- frisk policies.”

- Chris Soria, Lead Artist, Groundswell

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